About Us

Welcome to Crazy Coconuts! 🥥

Like so many our founder had never tasted Coconut Water straight from the nut. Only store bought bottled coconut water, he was not a fan. One day a friend at the gym insisted he try real coconut water straight from the nut.

Crazy Coconuts

The Beginning.

Reluctantly he tried an there was no comparison this water was sweet, refreshing, and delicious. He was instantly hooked this was nothing like the store bought version.

Filling the Gap

The issue was now availability. No supermarkets carried real coconut water and when he did find pure coconut water. It was always bottled and expired within days. There had to be a better way he thought

Crazy Coconuts was formed.  

The Caribbean only beverage company that takes ordinary coconuts and turns them into drinkable, resealable drinking container. Our tapped coconuts cut the carbon footprint of traditional pasteurized and packaged coconut water by eliminating wasteful processing of cans, and plastic bottles that can end. Up in our ocean fronts and landfills.

Choosing Crazy Coconuts is not only a great choice for you health but also for the environment.